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IOI Craft


The name is inspired by Indonesia’s identity as

The largest archipelagic country in the world consisting of 17,500 islands.

Our imagination is inspired by the uniqueness of each island, where each has its own identity, culture, heritage, and landscape.

IOI as a brand is proudly Indonesian. We want to explore every aspect of our inheritance and translate that into our products. Imagination is at the heart of each craft beer.

A craft brewery is an independent beer maker, that typically produces small quantity, but better quality beers when compared to large commercial breweries. They are enthusiastic about new flavours and varied brewing techniques to make niche products.

Craft brewers have a distinctive and individualistic approach to connect with their customers. The hallmark of craft beer and its brewers is innovation. They interpret historic styles with unique twists by developing a new beer that has never been made before.

Journey Beyond Craft

To Pieter and Laura, IOI is a journey beyond craft. It is a way to explore and discover in order to imagine, create, test, and develop new styles.

Each sip will narrate a story of a place you want to be

Founders of IOI, Pieter and Laura Prinsloo envision our beers to be truly Asian and authentically Indonesian. They are passionate about local beverages and have years of experience in artisan coffee making. This passion and strive inspired our team to develop tasty new craft beers. We collaborate with Asian beer and beverage connoisseurs and travel the country in search of unique tastes and fermentation techniques to enrich what we know. We use this knowledge to research and develop recipes for uniquely Indonesian beer styles.


We don’t pasteurize. Our beer is clean and fresh. Fresh beers have a more complex aroma and flavour profiles. They taste better. Our beers are best kept cold at 2-8 ℃.

Ready for a brewery tour?

Indonesia is a vast archipelago and has always been our source of inspiration. We are proud to be the first microbrewery in the country to use locally-sourced ingredients in our beers. Our flavor notes are inspired by the wealth of Indonesia's cultures and landscapes. With Islands of Imagination, we invite you to experience craft beer that transcends mundane reality. Our beer will take you places.

Nested in the Island of Bali, our brewery occupies a 1500m2 land with a 300m2 factory.